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Secret Lies of a Lonely Spirit

Lost in a world of Angst.

Willow Rosenberg
20 September
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"And remember, if you hurt her, I'll beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobodys friend. Have fun."
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A little about me, hmm? Well that could take sometime. I could just start at the beginning but I don't think that would be the best of all ideas that have meandered through my brain.

Maybe the basics should move me right along.

Well my name is Willow, I grew up in Southern California before a major move was needed which leads me to Cleveland, but I should really stay on topic, Ok back to where I was. I'm Willow, my friends like to call me Will, Willz, Willster, and then there is my least favorite, Red. who really has a nickname of a color.. I know they mean well and I know I have red hair, but still something maybe a little more personal might do the trick, right? But there is one that I don't think I would ever change, "lil tree." I like that one. It is slightly more personal then a variation of my name or the color of my hair, but enough of nit picky me, man I really am a Virgo.

So why do I have this? Could be that I had one when I was a lot younger and had continuious things that I needed to tell someone but I was to much of a spaz to truly have friends, ok well maybe not because it was my reasons, I wanted friends, lots of them, but any school attendee's and yourself that is loaded with the love for knowledge and wanting to actually do the homework and live in the library, well you get stamped; Spaz, Nerd, Geek, Weirdo... All the things that the 'A' crowd doesn't want near them for fear they actually might learn something, and whoo, off topic again, sorry my brain does that a lot. Right, so back to why I have an online journal, well I remembered when I was younger that I really liked writing Fan fiction, lots of Dougie Houser fics, but I don't think I want to write about him anymore, well for the fact that I am Gay now, and two girls are more, as Xander would put it "Hot!".. So I guess the next question is, if I stopped writing in here, why did I? Well because Buffy moved to Sunnydale (That's the previous town I lived in). She became my best friend, and someone I can talk to about girl problems.. So why am I back? Well I kinda just feel alone, everyone has something or someone that keeps them occupied, and I do too, just I still don't have anyone that I can talk-talk to about these things... Plus I don't want Kennedy to find my most inner thoughts (that's the girlfriend).
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